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Updated: May 2

I'm still plugging away at revamping the website. I have settled on a style and have redone the heading graphic (see below). The Home page is as done as it can be for now. Nothing will be going live until I have the rest of the site up and running.

The next order of business is to redo all of the other pages and omit things I don't think need to be here. Some light housekeeping if you will.

After that, I will continue adding to the shop, which is very sparse right now.

I primarily put up a product so I could order it and verify that the quality was something I was willing to stand behind. This is via a POD service and I am not willing to sell something I wouldn't want in my own home. The good news is that the quality is fantastic. I need to continue cleaning up and preparing the rest of the artwork for the store but that has to be put on hold until the site is done.

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