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My Brain is Full of Bees

Updated: May 2

I decided to revamp my website. As with anything I do, a fair amount of research has come into play.

Most advice seems to strongly suggest you keep the art you are showcasing consistent in visual theme or style. With that in mind, I began viewing my entire body of work, and well, if that's the metric to use I'm screwed.

The only thing that remains consistent is my desire to play, explore new mediums, and follow that wherever it goes. I can look at what I'm doing and have done and see how the path was paved from one project to the next but I am struggling to make that into something coherent for someone who isn't me.

So I figured "fuck it" and have started creating a mood board of sorts so I can see what colors/themes work with my art. I am making some great progress. I have also thought of about a dozen other things that I will need to do which is... fine.

The picture with this entry is untitled it is Acrylic on Wood circa 2012 ish... I think... anyway the post looked weird with no picture and I had no intention of drawing a brain, bees, or any combination thereof just for a little oomph.


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